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Strip Pickling Line

There are three main types of strip pickling line equipment, namely semi-continuous pickling line, continuous horizontal pickling line and continuous tower pickling line.

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Strip pickling line

In strip pickling line.

Pickling tank is the main equipment for removing strip surface oxidation sheet on strip steel.Its length determines the oxidation speed of iron oxide, and the maximum speed in the middle of the strip determines the length of the acid bath.Pickling tank is the key equipment to determine the production line capacity of strip acid.

(1) construction of strip pickling tank.

The pickling bath on different strip pickling line is not exactly the same, which is caused by different pickling process and production speed of different pickling line.The strip is composed of tank, slot cover and corresponding equipment.

(2) the tank of strip acid bath.

There are many forms of the groove production of strip pickling tank, which is related to the practical requirements of the customers, such as the commonly used combination, integral type and concrete antisepsis.The pickling tank is made of glass steel or polypropylene.The pickling tank is generally 6 m assembly area for the frame type square flange, and the multiple assembly type acid groove is used to seal the sealing gasket and the bolt is fastened, and the acid bath of the required length can be obtained.The acid tank is made of fiberglass and lined with granite strips.

(3) slot cover mechanism of strip pickling tank.

In production to prevent acid diffusion, corrosion of equipment, building, in order to create a good working environment, in the storage tank must be set on a certain number of slot cover to seal of acid tank.

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