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Push-pull Pickling Line.

Pickling is cold-rolled strip steel production process is very important in the process, its purpose is to remove iron oxide on the surface of the steel strip, adjust volume weight, cut off cracked edges, provide qualified billet for rolling mill, to ensure the function of cold rolled smoothly produce qualified steel strip products.Pull and push type pickling line is a kind of continuous pickling line, relatively continuous pickling line, unit has the advantages of low investment, simple equipment, strong adaptability to change the strip steel varieties, the advantages of simple operation, easy maintenance, very suitable for medium and small abrasion.

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Push-pull pickling line.

Push-pull pickling line.

In the pickling line, a compound derusting agent is used instead of a single hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid solution to remove rust.

Single volatile hydrochloric acid solution, acid pickling, a small amount of oil pollution cannot very good clear, derusting mainly adopts composite solvent, hydrochloric acid and compound solvent methenamine, SLS surfactant, TX - 10, additive, its advantage lies in the pickling speed, reduce the escape volatile acid mist, saving hydrochloric acid.In general, 1t hydrochloric acid can remove rust on the surface of the steel components above 40t, and save about 33% more directly using hydrochloric acid.Room temperature hydrochloric acid is a major element in the compound hydrochloric acid pickling solution formula, methenamine is a corrosion inhibitor, TX - 10 activate osmosis, SLS can have wetting and penetration composite effect of surfactant, have to inhibit the action of the acid mist at the same time, additive is a kind of organic compounds containing carboxylic acid, being able to complexation with Fe, reduce the iron ion content in the hydrochloric acid pickling solution, help reduce zinc in zinc liquid ferroalloy slag (zinc) and improve the ductility of the galvanized layer.

Wash with warm water after pickling.

Wash with warm water, mainly considering that it can be well developed, dissolve the iron salt that adheres to the surface of steel, and reduce the iron salt in the process.Because to a certain temperature (greater than 25 degrees Celsius) can rise quickly remove the effect of ferric salt, think in terms of energy saving, water in the pool after the hot dip galvanized steel members, 70 degrees Celsius hot water continuously introduced to wash in the pool, play a role of warm water to clean and maintain clean water clean.

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