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Pickling Equipment Production Line

Pickling line is prior to cold rolling production in iron and steel metallurgy field plays a key role, its role is largely with the help of the mechanical and chemical effect, from the strip factory to strip coil surface oxidation iron and dirt removed, clean the surface of strip steel. Pickling line process: top material, open coil, broken scale traction, cutting head, welding, storage sleeve, acid bath 1, pickling tank 2, drying, cleaning, passivation, cutting, cutting, winding, and discharging. Objective: to remove the oxide skin on the steel plate for further rolling.

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Pickling equipment production line

Pickling process in pickling equipment production line.

Pickling process of acid liquid is usually a mixture of acid, mainly such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, the mixed acid corrosion resistance is very strong, at the same time has a strong oxidizing, higher the temperature of the corrosive medium, the corrosion resistance of anti-corrosion materials high demands are put forward.Stainless steel pickling line process from production to the waste water waste gas recovery system, each link has the very strong corrosion condition, so the stand or fall of anti-corrosion material selection is directly related to the equipment, workshop floor, waste, waste water, waste gas recycling system of the place such as normal use.

1. Entry section equipment.

Including strip supply equipment, coiling machine, shearing machine, welding machine, suture machine, descaling machine, inlet strip coil storage device.

2. Pickling process equipment.

It includes pickling tank, water spray cooling tank, hot water cleaning tank, dryer and smoke exhaust purification device.

3. Export terminal equipment.

Including the export strip steel storage equipment, shearing machine, cutting edge machine, local blanking machine, oil painting machine, coiler, uncoil.

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