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  • Galvanized Production Line
    Galvanized Production Line
    Galvanized production line annealing processContinuous online annealing is adopted for continuous hot galvanizing of strip steel. The annealing process is the key to the production of high-strength hot galvanizing products such as dual-phase steel.The...
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  • Continuous Galvanizing Line
    Continuous Galvanizing Line
    continuous galvanizing line Cleaning usually includes alkaline cleaning and electrolytic degreasing, it can be cleaned!It is very important to produce galvanized products with high surface quality and high coating adhesion. New hot galvanizing unit...
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  • Color Strip Steel Production Line
    Color Strip Steel Production Line
    Color strip steel production line entry section, Double uncoiling configuration, uncoiling machine with power, active uncoiling, uncoiling section tension can be adjusted: hydraulic drive, hand,Move on;Hydraulic shear is adopted in the inlet shear to...
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  • Acid Plant
    Acid Plant
    acid plant Pickling is cold-rolled strip steel production process is very important in the process, its purpose is to remove iron oxide on the surface of the steel strip, adjust volume weight, cut off cracked edges, provide qualified billet for rolling...
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  • Prepainted Steel Sheet/Color Coated Steel Coil
    Prepainted Steel Sheet/Color Coated Steel Coil
    Color steel plate is widely used. It has no pollution, excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high processing and other characteristics. Color steel plate is widely used in construction, household appliances, transportation, packaging,...
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  • Prepainted Steel Sheet
    Prepainted Steel Sheet
    Colour coated steel sheet and steel tape (GB/ t12754-2006) Standard status: executing Execution date: 2006-08-01 Standard: GB/T 12754-12754 color coating steel plate and steel belt of national standard (GB) GB/T12754-2006 the provisions of this standard of...
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  • Color Coating
    Color Coating
    Continuous color coating line for two with two type drying process main production process is: decoiler -- stitching machine -- press roll -- tension machine uncoiling looping soda-wash degreasing -- cleaning, drying passivation -- at the beginning of...
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  • Hydraulic Cylinder/Motorcycle Parts/Pressure Vessel Industry
    Hydraulic Cylinder/Motorcycle Parts/Pressure Vessel Industry
    Hydraulic forming technology in automobile, aviation, aerospace and pipeline and other industries has been widely used, mainly suitable for: along the axis component change of circle, rectangle or single section hollow structures, such as automobile...
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  • Hydraulic Cylinder For Marine
    Hydraulic Cylinder For Marine
    Compared with the traditional stamping process, the hydroforming process to reduce weight, reduce the number of parts and mold quantity, increase the stiffness and strength, reduce the production cost has obvious technical and economic advantages,...
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  • Marine For Hydraulic Cylinder/China
    Marine For Hydraulic Cylinder/China
    The function of working medium used in hydraulic press is not only to transfer pressure, but also to ensure the working parts of the machine are sensitive, reliable, long life and less leakage. The basic requirement of hydraulic press for working medium is...
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  • Shipbuilding Industry/Hydraulic Cylinder
    Shipbuilding Industry/Hydraulic Cylinder
    According to the structural form, it is mainly divided into: four-column type, single column type (C type), horizontal type, vertical frame, universal hydraulic press, etc. It is mainly divided into metal forming, bending, stretching, punching, powder...
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  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Production
    Hot Dip Galvanizing Production
    Hot dip galvanizing, also known as hot dip galvanizing, is a method for steel components to obtain metal coating by immersed in molten zinc solution.
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