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Hot Galvanizing Strip Steel Production Line

Galvanized layer formation process is the most out of pure iron substrate and formed between the zinc layer of iron, zinc alloy, the process of workpiece surface formed in hot dip plating of iron - zinc alloy layer, and makes good combination between iron and pure zinc layer, the process can be simply described as follows: when the blacksmith a immersed in molten zinc liquid, zinc first formed in the interface and alpha (heart) solid solution.This is a matrix of metallic iron dissolved in a solid state with zinc atoms forming a crystal, the two metal atoms are fused together, the atom is less attractive.So when zinc in solid solution after reaching saturation, two kinds of zinc iron atom diffusion, spread to (or called infiltration) iron matrix of zinc atom in the lattice matrix migration, gradually formed and iron alloy, and spread to molten zinc liquid iron and zinc in the formation of intermetallic compounds FeZn13, sank into the hot dip galvanized pot is zinc slag.When the workpiece is removed from the zinc-impregnated liquid, it forms a pure zinc layer, which is a hexagon crystal.Its iron content is not greater than 0.003%.

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Hot galvanizing strip steel production line

Domestic technology of hot galvanizing alloy passage is very simple, zinc smelters to produce zinc alloy, simply add a medium frequency coreless induction furnace for intermediate alloy, the original high power induction furnace for melting zinc is modified, open a hole in the middle of the roof and increase a stirring device, match into the intermediate alloy after measuring, mixing, casting.

This mode of production is characterized by simple process. It is easy to make use of existing ingot melting furnace, which is widely used in zinc smelting plant. However, there are several deficiencies in this process:

According to the heating characteristics of the core induction furnace, it is necessary to have a melting furnace to work.The minimum height of the metal level in the furnace must be guaranteed to be able to be immersed in the induction groove.Therefore, each time with a batch of zinc alloy, casting only about a third (that is, the residual metal level guarantee in rev melt height above), you must add zinc melting, to make the next batch furnace melting.When the alloys are prepared, stirred and analyzed in front of the furnace, only the heating or insulation can be stopped, the continuous melting advantage of the power induction furnace can not be realized, and the agitator can be hoisted into operation trouble.

Due to the diameter of the mixing blade is on the top of the restriction of the open aperture (influence thermal effect), small range of mixing effect on the rectangular furnace is limited, so the mixing of inadequate and blade increases the effect of iron, the uniformity of composition and and had a negative impact on the requirements of all iron content.

When it is necessary to change the alloy variety, it is a time-consuming and time-consuming task to have a core induction furnace for large capacity. When the alloy element is changed, it will take a long time to complete the washing furnace.

The effect on the electrical appliances and the age of the furnace is that when the alloy liquid is released into a large amount of zinc, the temperature is the lowest, and the high power temperature is required.With the intermediate alloy, the temperature needs to rise to the highest level, which is not conducive to control in energy consumption and metal burning.

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