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Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Coil Production Line

​Hot dip galvanized (galvanizing) is also called hot dip zinc and hot galvanizing, is an effective way of metal corrosion, mainly used for metal structure industry facilities.Is around 500 ℃ after cleaning of steel in liquid zinc melting, the zinc layer adhered on the surface of the steel members, which have the purpose of corrosion.Hot galvanizing process: finished pickling - water - plus help solution - drying - plating - cooling - medicine - cleaning - polishing - hot dip galvanized finished 1, hot dip galvanized by older method development, since 1836 France the galvanizing is applied in industrial, has a history of more than one hundred and seventy years.In the past 30 years, with the rapid development of cold-rolled strip steel, the hot galvanizing industry has been developed on a large scale.

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Hot dip galvanized steel coil production line.

The hot-dip galvanized steel tube is used for the mechanical principle of full immersion, pressure, screw, pulling and lifting, and the hot galvanizing process is completed.

1, process parameter control: zinc liquid temperature should be controlled between 440-440 ℃;Zinc leaching should be controlled between 30 and 60 seconds;Aluminum content (0.01-0.02% aluminum content)

2. Zinc ingot shall be used as national standard zn0-3 zinc ingots.

3, always maintain good control into the pressure spiral pull, pull out the lifting device of reliable performance, strengthen the cylinder lubrication, adjust the height of the galvanized pipe distributor, angles, adjust the equipment to the best state.

4. The position of proximity switch should be accurate;The thermocouple line and the table should be used in a unified model, otherwise, the temperature error is large, the protective sleeve of the thermocouple should be checked and replaced frequently.

5. The operator of the operator shall adjust the speed to prevent the phenomenon of the card tube according to the operation condition of the equipment before the furnace and the gesture command.

6. The tool of the furnace should be preheated before use to prevent the splattering of zinc.Always check whether the steel pipe falls into the pot, if there is to be cleared in time;The equipment should be adjusted in time to ensure the safety of the equipment.

7, to zinc pot add zinc, zinc ingot preheating, must not be allowed when adding zinc bunches and zinc, and zinc every time not more than five dollars, should be zinc ingot vertical stick to zinc pot wall slowly down, in order to avoid impact damage the zinc pot and spatter of zinc hurt;Iron material is prohibited in the zinc liquid to prevent the production of a large amount of zinc slag.

8. The molten zinc should be slowly heated and not burned, otherwise it will damage the life of the galvanized pot, and a large amount of zinc vapors will be released.When the harmful gas is inhaled by the human body, it can suffer from a type of "casting fever".In the process of zinc smelting, once the zinc has a high temperature, it is not necessary to use the hand to push the zinc block, so as to avoid burns, the appropriate tool should be used to move it.

9. Clear zinc dust on the surface of the zinc liquid on a regular basis.Should be gently blowing ash in zinc liquid on the surface with grey board shave is dry, can't disturb too much, in order to avoid zinc ash spread, scraping the grey board should not be and is zinc immersion into or out of the tube when the steel tube, lest jam accidents or equipment accident.

10. Zinc, zinc, zinc, zinc and steel tube flowing out of the front surface of the furnace should be recycled back to the pan at any time to reduce the heat loss of the zinc pot.

11. When adding aluminum ingots on the surface of zinc liquid, it is necessary to ensure that the aluminum content on the surface of zinc liquid is even.

12. In order to facilitate waterlogging and extraction of zinc, 20 tons of lead should be put into the zinc pot.

13, to make in dregs in dregs machine preheating first, zinc slag deposit will divide the size blocks, waterlogging slag temperature should be controlled in more than 455 ℃, swinging catch slag machine must use a special tool, leave the zinc pot 1 meters, feet to stand in the crowd.

14, hot galvanizing technology requirement is strict, so in the process of hot dip galvanizing production, must do my work position, that is to say the number of root per unit time or tonnage, the cost is lower, the higher the vice.

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