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GI Equipment Production Line

In GI equiment production line Annealing Furnace

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GI equipment production line

In GI equiment production line Annealing Furnace

Function: Fulfill the exterior deoxidization and the re-crystallized anneal for cold strip, at the same time, provide a suitable strip temperature limited by technique requirement before the strip goes into the zinc pot.

Structure: adopt the update NOF processing, which is mixed by direct fire and gas radiant tube, horizontal structure. This design brings advantages of good annealing quality, no pollution in the furnace, threading and easy to maintain. The furnace is composed of entry seal device, NOF with preheating, radiant tube heating section, furnace throat, jet cooling section, soaking section and furnace nose.

Furnace total length is about 120m. The whole furnace frame is used the steel seal welding, and used the channel steel to reinforce. Adopted the refractory heat insulation fibre block in the middle heating insulation layer and the firebrick in the bottom furnace. There will lined the 1mm resist heating alloy steel in the cooling section, to fix through the bolt which welded with furnace frame steel. Will be put the furnace bottom roll in each 2500mm position. In the side, will be set up holes for maintain people to come-in. In the side of furnace frame, will set up some atmosphere inspect points and protection gas input points

.Entry seal device:

Mainly composed of entry seal roll, adjustment height seal box, the function is keep the fixed pressure to prevent air suck and reduce the preotecton gas consumption.

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