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Color Painting Board Production Line.

The color board produced by color coating production line is efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and so on.

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Color painting board production line.

Typical process flow of color coating production line:

Steel coil car coil to uncoiler, a gateway double cut cut to stitching machine, 1 # tension roll - 1 # rectifying roller - the entrance to the vertical loop - 2 # rectifying roller - tension roll - 1 # 2 # alkaline cleaning device and scrubbing device - > 2 - > 1 # # alkaline cleaning device hot water rinse device - 2 # hot water rinse device - 1 # hot air drying device to vertical change with polish machine, vertical change furnace - 3 # tension roller - at the beginning of 3 # and rectifying roller coater - except for the coating curing furnace - 1 # type rectifying atomized water cooling device - 2 # hot air dryer to 4 # tension roller, 4 # rectifying roller - 1 # fine coater - 2 # essence and coater coating curing furnace to 2 # type rectifying atomized water cooling device, 3 # hot airDrying apparatus, 5# tension roller, export vertical living jacket, 6# rectifying roller, 6# tension roller, export cutting, winding machine, unloading roll, weighing, weighing, and hoisting.

Main features of color coating production line:

Set up two finishing machines, can achieve online quick change of paint color.

Set up the incinerator with a solvent handling capacity of 300kg/h, which fully meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

The unit has set up 8 sets of CPC and 1 set of EPC rectifying system, ensuring the effective control of the running track of the strip and improving the reliability and operating rate of the unit.

A small amount of specialized equipment can be configured to produce a home plate, and a scheme to increase the coating process in the future is also reserved.

Reserve the position of the online stretch bending straightener, or increase the precleaning section, and can adapt to the substrate with poor shape.

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