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Color Coating Production Line

Color Coating Production Line

1500mm Color coating line ​Scheme description

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1500mm Color coating line    Technical Specification    (100m/min)



1500mm Color coating line  Scheme description:

The lining of the furnace wall is 1.5mm thick stainless steel structure, and the insulation material is lined between the inner and outer walls of the furnace. The heating zone of the curing furnace is heated by convection. The heated air flow is sprayed to the steel strip surface from the upper and the lower of the steel belt under the action of the circulating fan, which accelerates the evaporation of the solvent and the curing process of the coating. The heating in each heating area is realized by the high temperature hot air produced by the natural gas heating and burning system, and the temperature control is realized by the hot blast automatic regulating valve. The jet box and the circulating air duct are made of stainless steel. According to the evaporation amount of the solvent in different parts of the furnace, the exhaust port of the waste gas is arranged reasonably. Heat preservation measures are adopted in the circulating fan, circulating air duct and smoke exhaust path outside the furnace to reduce heat loss. In order to facilitate the maintenance and regular sanitation of the curing furnace, a plurality of furnace doors are left on the side wall of the furnace body, and a walkway is left in the hearth of the furnace side. Isolation chamber and separate smoke pipe are set at the inlet and outlet of the curing furnace.

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