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Color Coating Line Steel Coil

Color coating production line is one or several organic coating on steel(aluminum)material surface,it has the advantages of beautiful appearance,bright color,high strength,good corrosion resistance,easy molding,but also allows users to reduce costs and reduce pollution.

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The product name:color Coating line steel coil 

1. Opening volume:Should be according to the technological process, coated coil of preparation and surface appearance inspection, according to the substrate specifications, set the entry section of tension value, keep all the records of precoating yoke (label, gross weight, net weight, thickness, width), computer, with the crown will be hanging on the v-shaped bracket, pay attention to the direction of uncoiling, hydraulic station, starting point on the cart, according to computer plate specification, rolling out cylinder, lift the auxiliary support, the car back in situ, plate to the pinch roll, clamping to the shearing machine to riveting machine, after waiting for riveting substrate ready to up front, when the car, time to check surface quality, and timely notify the procedure,Make a good record of this paragraph.


 2, before treatment: before shooting, first check the instrument is working correctly, whether the values in the working status, control of 1 #, 2 # degreasing tank water temperature between (60-50 degrees Celsius), control number 1.2.3 tank between 55-60 degrees Celsius.If the water temperature exceeds or fails to reach, adjust in time., in turn, roll down the drain, start the circulation pump, check the working condition of roller, regularly check the water level of each tank, control within the normal range, and keep the overflow water, regularly check 1 #. 2 # degreasing tank base points, 1 #, 2 # spray points should be 8 to 13 points, according to the board face oily, detect 1.2.3 water PH value, every 2 hours in the range of 6.5.

3. Passivation room: check whether there is any cross printed on coating before coating, in accordance with the requirements of substrate coated roll and the pick-up roll speed, at the same time open mixer, keep stirring the passivation liquid state, and a reflux, joint, or substrate has a major defect, need to open, and informed the working procedure, and records.

4, besmear bottom room: check whether the equipment can meet the production process before driving, set three sections of furnace temperature, adjust the coating roller speed according to the substrate specifications, when meet joint, timely, open and informed the working procedure, ensure uniform substrate board face, before paint coated with passivation solution, can besmear bottom below back paint.

5. Pure painting room: first check whether the roller meet process, ensure no dirt, clean dust adhesion, put the coating, to the tray, coating imported must bind up screen, roller speed setting process, according to the technical requirement and according to the adjusting the furnace temperature, substrate specifications meet joint, timely, open, and inform the next working procedure, to ensure uniform surface before paint, a primer coating being applied.

6, winding section: check the oil before driving. Water, steam pipe pressure is normal, whether the equipment is in working status, whether to have the car condition, according to the technological requirements, ready to packaging items, according to the condition of base board is wrong side winding, according to the substrate specifications set the winding tension value, for each work section when the car is ready to make up, Fang Keqi car, after joint on procedure notice to prepare volume, when the joint through the quality inspection, playing in volume, winding roller pressure, cut the lower end, use tape board layer, open the car, put the materials back in V type rack, pulley crane, packaged weighing.

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