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Coating Coil Production Line

Coating coil production line is mainly used in the application of color coated sheet metal production, the production of color steel plate in the construction, has been widely used in a broad range of areas, such as cars, the widening the scope to use with the development of economy.

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Coating coil production line

Color coating production line is a professional equipment for producing color coating boards.

Hot galvanized sheet is processed by color coating production line to become color painting board, the role of color coating is mainly reflected in protection and decoration.

Protective effect is shown in: protecting the metal plate from rust, not corroding, to achieve a longer service life,

Decorative effect: various colors, all kinds of luster make the color plate rich, beautiful appearance.

What are the characteristics and main application fields of color painting board?

Caitu is a metal strip as base, through strict process control, on the surface of the coating various polymer coating or paste made of mold products, available to the user directly processing or final products.Color coating board has excellent cold bending processing, good corrosion resistance, durability and beautiful decoration.Mainly used in the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, furniture industry, electrical industry, has played a good effect of steel wood, efficient construction, saving energy and preventing and controlling pollution.

The color coating production line can be divided into: upper volume, degreased cleaning section, paint covered section, cooling winding section.

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