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1500mm Color Coating Line

1500mm Color Coating Line

2.11.Technological process Payoff Reel→pinch roll→sewing machine→ pressure→1# Bridle roll→entry looped→degreasing cleaning→2# Bridle roll→1#...

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Technological process

Payoff Reel→pinch roll→sewing machine→ pressure→1# Bridle roll→entry looped→degreasing cleaning→2# Bridle roll→1# drying→chemical coating→2# drying→1# deviation correcting machine→3# Bridle roll→bottom coating machine→primary coating curing furnace→cooling→2# deviation correcting machine→3# deviation correcting machine→4# Bridle roll→Surface coating machine→Fine coating curing furnace→4# deviation correcting machine→cooling→ 5# Bridle roll→export looper→6# Bridle roll→export shear→Recoiler


Entry section operation

The raw material is first removed manually before the feeding, and then placed on the No.1 or the crane No.2 on the coil car.

The manual shut-off coil strapping, coil car coil will start to payoff reel to reel in front, and then to the payoff reel. Payoff reel by hydraulic expansion, the coil tension on the drum. At the same time decrease coil car and return to the waiting position, ready to pick up a steel coil.

The head of the steel coil is fed into the pinch roll with the aid of the payoff reel and the manual belt, and the strip is sent to the sewing machine before the sewing machine is waiting to be sutured.

When the tail of a steel coil reaches a certain length, the inlet section of the unit will decelerate. When the tail coil into the sewing machine, the entrance parking, the volume of strip head and tail into the sewing machine, sewing machine will start before and after the coil is connected.

The rolled strip is rolled into the 1# bridle roll and then enters the looper.

The head of the unit is equipped with two payoff reel. When an payoff reel is in normal operation, another unRecoiler has dismantled the head of the next steel coil, and made a good preparation before stitching to shorten the roll changing time. The steel strip enters the entrance looper by the speed higher than the unit process section.

The entrance looper is vertical structure. In the process of changing the operation of the unit, the live sleeve will release

the stored steel strip to maintain the constant speed operation of the unit process section.


cleaning section

The strip enters the cleaning section after leaving the 1# Bridle roll and the inlet sleeve. The cleaning section includes chemical degreasing, roller brushing degreasing, washing and other processes; each process is equipped with a squeezing roller to ensure the relative stability of the tank fluid and the squeezing effect of the plate surface; the stability is enhanced, and the waste heat is used to heat the bath liquid.

The first section is soaking chemical degreasing tank, heating the alkaline degreasing cleaning liquid with the waste heat of the incinerator, cleaning the two sides of the strip, mainly degreasing and degreasing by saponification reaction.

The second section is the roller brush brush strip with two degreasing tank, higher concentration of cleaning degreasing agent, the removal of surface debris, in the degreasing stage equipped with roller brush unit, steel plate on the upper surface and the lower surface of the strip surface cleaning, mainly for sundries cleaning, mechanical and chemical double degreasing function.

The third section is the circulating water scrubbing tank, rinse with hot water, wash away the degreasing agent surface residual chemicals and surface debris.

The fourth section is a hot water circulation washing tank to further purify the strip surface.

In the circular slot exit of each section are equipped with one or two pairs of squeezing rollers, used to process medium isolation between the spray section and the rear section of the front, to

prevent the next section, cause the string liquid squeezing roll by adjusting the cylinder pressure.


chemically pretreated

Strip clean and dry after the hot air dryer backward into a coating. The strip will be chemically pretreated on the coating machine to enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance between the coating and the substrate. The strip enters the coating process section after deviation from the chemical pretreatment section through the deviation correction roller and the 2# Bridle roll.

3.5. 涂层


The strip is finished by " primer, primer coating curing, cooling, fine coating, fine curing and cooling".

Roll coater, coating head are composed with two roller, the

feeding roller and roller coating. Batea coating for pneumatic pump by the paint bucket pressed into the coating machine, the dipping roller, coating roll coating to the steel strip surface

When coating, the coating method, the speed of each roller and the roll gap should be determined according to the coating thickness required by the finished product. When the coating thickness changes, manual manual adjustment of the roll gap.


Coating curing

After coating the steel strip, it enters the curing furnace to be heated and solidified. The temperature continues to rise after the strip enters the furnace. In the solvent, the strip temperature rise slowly, when started to paint during polymerization, the strip temperature quickly rose to the polymerization temperature, thus completing the whole curing process.

The two seat suspension are curing furnace. At the beginning of coating furnace and fine coating furnace along its length is divided into different temperature control, the use of natural gas heating hot cycle.

The curing time of strip steel in the furnace is determined according to the parameters such as strip thickness, coating type, coating thickness and curing temperature. Different curing time can be obtained by changing the speed of the unit. The furnace temperature is usually in the range of 250~400℃, and the maximum temperature of the strip surface is different when the furnace temperature is different. The furnace temperature and its distribution are determined by the parameters such as strip thickness, coating type, coating thickness and the speed of the unit.


Coating post treatment

The steel strip is forced to cool after cold water out of the curing furnace.


Export segment operation

When the export looper is in normal operation, the strip is not stored. When the outlet section is cut, sheared, sampled and unloaded, the outlet sleeve is filled to maintain the constant speed operation of the unit process section.

Shears in 6# Bridle roll, strip breaking through shear connectors, sampling and resection of segments, and finally into the coiler.

The head of the strip is rolled to the reel at the speed of threading. After the coiling tension is set up, the strip is running at the speed higher than the process section of the machine, and the strip in the export looper is vented to prepare for the coiling

operation of the next steel coil.

The rolled coil is removed from the coiler drum by using the export stripper car, and the adhesive tape is used to hold the head and then to the finished packing area.

The strip by crane auxiliary operation in the finished packing area, weighing and packing manual. Packed finished rolls with a crane or forklift transported to the finished product storage area store, waiting for delivery.

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