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1500mm Color Coating Line For Construction Industry

Color coating line energy media and consumption

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Color coating line energy media and consumption

1,Water quality requirements and technical characteristics

1)Desalination water: Quality: Conductivity:≤10us/cm PH:6.5-7
Hardness:≤0.03mmol/L Oil content:≤2mmol/L
Suspended matter:≤5mg/L
Qressure:0.5-0.6MPa Flow:3T/h
2)Recycled water: Quality: Hardness(Ca+Mg):≤16dh PH:6.0-8.7
Suspended matter:≤20mg/L
Qressure:0.4-0.5MPa Flow:50T/h
3)Degreasing section sewage discharge: Quality: Alkaline and oily wastewater PH:9.0-13
Qressure:0.4MPa Qressure:2T/d
Emissions system: interval emissions, about 5T/time, 1 time/3 days

2,Paint consumption:
Coating fluid consumption:0.15Kg/T;
Primer thickness:8um
Consumption is :21g/M2
Back paint thickness :10um
Consumption is:26g/M2
Thick paint :17
Consumption is:45g/M2.

3,Natural gas

Calorific value: 8500Kcal/Nm3
Maximum consumption:300Nm3/h
Working pressure:10-20KPa
Use system: Continuous
Operating temperature: Normal temperature
Normal production consumption:≤ 5Nm3/t(Consumption per ton of steel)

4,Steam: This line does not use steam.


High pressure: 10kV/2.5%/ 5% Low pressure: 400 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Transformer capacity:630KVA
Power consumption during normal production:50Kwh/t(Electricity consumption per ton of steel)


The production workshop has three shifts and the management department has one shift. 8 hours of work per class, 24 hours of continuous operation.

7,Unit and plant and layout requirements

The unit is located in the workshop with a span of 18m, a rail surface elevation of +10.5m, and a workshop length of approximately 160m. The workshop has two spans, one of which is a raw material span and a final product span

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