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  • Roll-type Straightening Machines
    Roll-type Straightening Machines
    Roll-type Straightening Machines Pulling is called cold rolling.After annealing, the sheet often produces a bad shape.For example, when the edge extension of the strip is larger than the middle extension, it will form a wave. In order to meet the...
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  • Continuous Galvanized Line
    Continuous Galvanized Line
    Continuous galvanized production line Strip steel in the continuous galvanizing line speed should be in accordance with the established curve to a given table or annealing process, the productivity of strip speed is decided to strip annealing time and...
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  • GI Mechanical Equipment
    GI Mechanical Equipment
    GI mechanical equipment In the GI mechanical equipment Degreasing section Alkali wash section Type Spray washing Box material: SUS304 Box length ~4250mm Tank capacity ~5m 3 Temperature 55 —70℃ Circulation pump flow ~50m 3 /h Pump motor AC 11kw, 2900rpm...
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  • GI Equipment Production Line
    GI Equipment Production Line
    In GI equiment production line Annealing Furnace
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  • CCL Production Line
    CCL Production Line
    The manufacturing of double-coated, double-baked pre-coated steel sheets with good weather resistance, primarily used in construction and home appliances, is possible. An in-line tension leveler can also be installed to manufacture straightened steel sheets.
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  • Continuous Hot Galvanizing
    Continuous Hot Galvanizing
    Hot-dip galvanizing is the process of immersing iron or steel in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion resistant, multi-layered coating of zinc-iron alloy and zinc metal. While the steel is immersed in the zinc, a metallurgical reaction occurs...
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  • Fingerprint Resistant Plate
    Fingerprint Resistant Plate
    Fingerprint resistant plate is composite coating plate ,which is formed after making fingerprint resistant treatment on galvanizing plate surface .Fingerprint steel plate has clean an flat surface ,and small deviation ,Fingerptint resistant technology was...
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  • GI Production Line
    GI Production Line
    GI production line 1. Main performance parameter of the line 2.1. Raw material Pickling hot rolled strip ,cold rolled carbon structure steel, high quality carbon structure steel and low alloy steel coil,Steel type: 08AL、SPCC、SPCD 、SPCE 2.2 Energy sources...
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  • GI Steel Plate
    GI Steel Plate
    GI steel plate The product adds five layers of materials on the basis of coating aluminum Zinc silicon steeel plate and coating aluminum zinc silicon color steel plate,has the functions of heat insulation ,anti-corrosion ,flame resistance,damp proof,noise...
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  • Coating Plate
    Coating Plate
    coating plate Buildings, plants, made of colored coated steel, often have a long service life when washed by rain water, otherwise affected by the effects of sulphur dioxide gas, salt and dust.Accordingly, when designing, if the inclined degree of housetop...
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  • Coated Steel Coil
    Coated Steel Coil
    coated steel coil Printing pictures:1450 type of printing plate production line using the world is advanced production technology.The production line adopts advanced equipment automatic control system of ABB,the cold rollde or hot galvanized for raw...
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  • Color Coating Printing Production Line
    Color Coating Printing Production Line
    Color coating steel production line and its units The production line of color coating steel plate generally includes uncoiling process section, color coating process section pretreatment process, coating, curing process, tail gas treatment process and...
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