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  • GI Production Line
    GI Production Line
    GI production line 1. Main performance parameter of the line 2.1. Raw material Pickling hot rolled strip ,cold rolled carbon structure steel, high quality carbon structure steel and low alloy steel coil,Steel type: 08AL、SPCC、SPCD 、SPCE 2.2 Energy sources...
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  • GI Steel Plate
    GI Steel Plate
    GI steel plate The product adds five layers of materials on the basis of coating aluminum Zinc silicon steeel plate and coating aluminum zinc silicon color steel plate,has the functions of heat insulation ,anti-corrosion ,flame resistance,damp proof,noise...
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  • Coating Plate
    Coating Plate
    coating plate Buildings, plants, made of colored coated steel, often have a long service life when washed by rain water, otherwise affected by the effects of sulphur dioxide gas, salt and dust.Accordingly, when designing, if the inclined degree of housetop...
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  • Coated Steel Coil
    Coated Steel Coil
    coated steel coil Printing pictures:1450 type of printing plate production line using the world is advanced production technology.The production line adopts advanced equipment automatic control system of ABB,the cold rollde or hot galvanized for raw...
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  • Color Coating Printing Production Line
    Color Coating Printing Production Line
    Color coating steel production line and its units The production line of color coating steel plate generally includes uncoiling process section, color coating process section pretreatment process, coating, curing process, tail gas treatment process and...
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  • Galvanized Line
    Galvanized Line
    Galvanized line Internal annealing in the middle line of hot galvanizing line It is a hot galvanizing raw sheet which is provided directly by cold or hot rolling mill with coil. Gas protection recrystallization annealing is carried out in the hot...
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  • Painting Line
    Painting Line
    painting line painting line in the strip enters the cleaning section after leaving the 1# Bridle roll and the inlet sleeve. The cleaning section includes chemical degreasing, roller brushing degreasing, washing and other processes; each process is equipped...
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  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Unit Line
    Hot Dip Galvanizing Unit Line
    Hot dip galvanizing unit line The whole annealing furnace is a horizontal furnace. Includes the following components :· Entrance door Heating section of radiant tube · insulation section The period of the fast cooling. Exit hot roll section Entrance...
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  • Sound Paper Cone
    Sound Paper Cone
    Sound paper cone Our Audio Surround Cone, in which the protein fiber comes from chicken feather fiber, The fiber inherits the electrostatic properties of feathers, which can not be achieved with wood pulp in low, medium and high pitches. It will bring a...
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  • Three Phase Electric Motor
    Three Phase Electric Motor
    Three Phase Electric Motor It has good features like optimum structrure ,attractive appearance,low noise,high effciency ,high protection cleas as well as high insulation class.series motors can be widely used in various kinds of general use machineries...
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  • Hot Galvanizing Equipment Line
    Hot Galvanizing Equipment Line
    Protective effect of hot galvanizing on metal coating, The surface of the steel plate is coated with a metal coating, equal to the steel plate wearing protective clothing, the basic component of steel plate is iron, coating on the protection of the steel...
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  • 400 Thousand Ton Hot-dip Galvanizing Line
    400 Thousand Ton Hot-dip Galvanizing Line
    400 thousand ton hot-dip galvanizing line Hot Dip galvanized (Hot Dip Galvanizing) was invented in the middle of the 18th century, it was developed by Hot tin plating process, has entered the fourth century.Up to now, hot galvanizing is still the most...
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