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What Is The Effect Of Blowing Pressure On Coating Thickness?

- Jan 23, 2019 -

What are the factors that affect the coating thickness in the blowing method of galvanizing production line?

In summary, the factors that affect the coating thickness are blowing method: nozzle air pressure and injection Angle, the distance of the nozzle from the strip, nozzle, nozzle distance, the distance to the strip of zinc on the surface of the liquid height, nozzle aperture, speed of strip steel, strip steel temperature, the thickness of the strip, the strip flatness and surface roughness, zinc liquid temperature, liquid zinc chemicals, etc.Among them, the parameters of nozzle and the speed of strip are the six factors that have great influence.

What is the effect of blowing pressure on coating thickness?

Generally speaking, in other factors unchanged, the larger the blowing pressure of the nozzle, the thinner the coating, and when the pressure increased by 0.1kg/m, the single coating will be reduced by 40~60g/m".It is worth noting that when the speed <30m/min, if the pressure increases to 0.3kg/cm or more, because the cooling effect of blowing is greater than the zinc scraping ability of the air flow, the phenomenon of coating thickening occurs.

What is the effect of strip speed on coating thickness?How to adjust?

Generally speaking, when other factors remain unchanged, the thickness of zinc layer increases with the increase of strip speed.The main reason is that the speed of the strip is fast and the zinc liquid is much.And bring out of the zinc pot too late to return to the cause of being taken away.Therefore, in production practice, in order to obtain the same coating thickness, it is necessary to increase the pressure of the air knife when increasing the speed, and vice versa.135. Influence of distance between nozzle and strip on coating thicknessHow to adjust?Generally speaking, the greater the distance between the nozzle and the strip, the thicker the zinc layer will be under the condition that all other factors remain unchanged.Because when the distance between the nozzle and the strip is larger, the pressure of the flow is lower, so the impulse is smaller, which will cause coating thickening.In the production practice, the actual working range of the nozzle from the strip steel is between 15~30mm. In order to save the injection energy, it is hoped that the nozzle and the strip steel keep the closest distance, and the adjustment of the distance mainly depends on the shape of the plate. The general adjustment trend is: the smaller the tension of the strip steel, the worse the shape of the plate