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Zinc Slag In Zinc Removal Method?

- Jan 09, 2019 -

What are the factors that affect the formation of zinc in hot galvanizing?

The amount of zinc slag production is related to the temperature of zinc liquid, the temperature of strip steel and the aluminum content of zinc liquid:

(1) when the aluminum content in zinc solution is less than 0.2%, the dissolved amount of iron decreases with the increase of the aluminum content, so less slag is generated. However, when the aluminum content is higher than 0.2%, on the contrary, the aluminum content in zinc solution cannot be greater than or equal to 0.2%.

(2) the influence of the temperature of liquid zinc, zinc liquid normal work, request temperature at 450 ~ 460 ℃, if zinc liquid temperature over 480 ℃, then the weight of the iron loss into a parabola increase, so the production of slag.

(3) influence of humidity: generally speaking, the humidity of strip steel within the specified deviation should be as high as possible than the humidity of zinc liquid, because only in this way, can promote the formation of FezAls intermediate phase layer, prevent fe-zn diffusion, reduce the weight loss of iron, and avoid the formation of excessive zinc slag.

Zinc slag in zinc removal method?

In order to ensure the continuous operation of zinc production, it is necessary to remove the dross and bottom dross from the zinc pot in a timely manner. It is advisable to remove the dross 2-3 times per shift. Too many times of dredging will cause excessive oxidation of zinc and aluminum, resulting in unnecessary waste.According to the characteristics of the equipment can be production, while in dregs, also can be discontinued after concentrated make bottom slag, while the production line in dregs, commonly 7 to 10 days for a bottom slag, concentrated in dregs after production line, because the zinc pot is deeper, general 15 to 30 days a bottom slag production and equipment completely demolished, within the pot before in dregs sinking 2-4 hours, and then make the zinc slag can remove slag, zinc liquid temperature should not be too high when in dregs, general control at 450 ℃ advisable, with crane dedicated control head with general fishing in dregs to 16 hours at a time.Liquid zinc in dregs after the humidity to about 480 ℃, and then concentrated to adding the after preheating of zinc ingot, zinc pot and rise to the specified position, the zinc liquid can be put into production.