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Optimization Of Galvanizing Process Of Hot-dip Galvanizing Production Line

- Oct 17, 2018 -

Optimization of galvanizing process of hot-dip galvanizing production line(二)

In hot dip galvanizing line, the temperature of zinc liquid and the time of zinc immersion are controlled to control the thickness of zinc layer

According to the standard technical conditions of tower manufacturing of transmission lines produced in hot dip galvanizing production line GB/ t2694-2003, the thickness of zn coating required is 5mm t>, the minimum average thickness of coating is 861m, the minimum average thickness is attached, and the quantity is 610g/m2.2 the main factors influencing the zinc layer thickness is moderate zinc leaching time of zinc, zinc when temperature is below 430 ℃, zinc iron diffusion velocity is low, not easy to generate enough iron zinc alloy layer, the coating is thin.Increase when the temperature higher than 465 ℃ when the zinc layer, zinc iron diffusion speed, as temperatures continue to rise, liquid zinc is thinning, zinc layer and thin, but affect the service life of zinc pot.Temperature must be avoided in zinc pot linear zinc corrosion area 480 ℃ and 500 ℃ to 530 ℃ high temperature parabola area, so the liquid zinc galvanizing process must be strictly controlled temperature to ensure the stable quality of plating a premise to reduce zinc consumption, the general temperature control in 440 ℃ ~ 465 ℃, galvanized zinc dipping time is according to the iron on the surface of the substrate and zinc plating liquid reaction adequately complete the time required to determine zinc layer, generally is the temperature at the same time, the plating thickness is thicker, the longer the leaching zinc, as the extension of zinc dipping time, thickening of coating, but too prolonged immersion zinc can make zinc layer brittle, instead affects the quality of coating.Zinc stable temperature parameters in the two main parameters, so as to better control of zinc dipping time, before using semi automatic temperature control system, a three degree Celsius temperature fluctuations to 10 degrees Celsius, we use computer to control temperature, temperature fluctuations in 1 c - 3 degrees Celsius, the temperature fluctuations small easy to control the leaching time of zinc, so as to more effectively control the thickness of the zinc layer, reduce the consumption of pure zinc.

Through the implementation of this hot galvanizing optimization program, the production process was further improved and improved to increase production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce production cost.