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Conversion Of Zinc Solution In Hot Dip Aluminum Zinc Plating(3)

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Conversion Of Zinc Solution In Hot Dip Aluminum Zinc Plating(3)

which will lead to the inability to continue zinc extraction

If the two POTS do not pump zinc at the same time, I am afraid that the partition wall can not withstand the pressure of the other zinc liquid

To anticipate zinc pump failure, two zinc pumps are required

After the zinc level is below the throat, the four sensors manually hit the minimum power to keep the zinc ring flowing
    Hang 25g small zinc ingots with hemp rope, 1t in a bundle, and put them on the bottom of the pot slowly, in order, until the pot is full
     Cover the heating furnace cover to send zinc, four sensors continue to send electricity to maintain the minimum power, so that the molten zinc in the molten groove flow
     When the zinc liquid exceeds the throat, the four sensors can be converted to high power heating until the zinc liquid level is raised to the production standard position


After the zinc liquid smoke into the mold, first USES air-cooled, after hard surface junction 売 again by water spray cooling

After the zinc solution is completely solidified and demoulded , the internal moisture must be dried before it is allowed to be used again.



Residual aluminum zinc silicon molten solution in four sensors0.6t  x 4=2.4t,The target value of residual zinc liquid at the bottom of zinc pot was 5t,The total amount of zinc - silicon liquid in residual zinc pot was about 7.4 t,The total amount of silicon is 7.4 t x 15kg/=111kg.

It is known that the zinc pot can hold 170 t zinc liquid, then the silicon content in the zinc liquid after conversion is:


The silicon content in zinc liquid is not greater than 0.At 2%, there is no adverse effect on hot-dip galvanization, so the initial silicon content of the scheme is confirmed to be feasible.
     According to the calculation, the total residual aluminum content in the zinc pot is 7.4t * 550kg = 4070kg.Given that the zinc-containing liquid in the zinc pot is 170t, the aluminum content in the zinc pot after conversion is 4070kg / 170000kg = 2.4%.

Production practice proved that there was no problem in starting up with 2.4% aluminum in zinc liquidThe protective performance of coating is normal,After finishing, you can make color board base material,Continue adding pure zinc ingots to the zinc pot during production,After the calculated production of 8000t sheet,The aluminum content of zinc pot dropped to about 1.0%,Then pour a large zinc ingot containing 75% aluminum into a zinc pot,At this point, the unit will go to normal production。The 8000 tons of material produced during the transition period is used as the base material of our factory

Four sensor problems after production

The following problems should be noted after production:

keep all four sensors running at low power;

Keep both sensors on both sides of the zinc pot closed for a long timeKeep only two sensors on both sides of the zinc pot working properly.