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Drawing And Straightening Machine In Hot Dip Galvanizing Production Line

- Aug 01, 2018 -

 Wet and dry finishing machine and drawing machine for hot galvanizing production line

Some of the original hot-plating production lines did not take light finishing into account, and most of them took light finishing into account, but only reserved position, not solid, machine.Hot-plated aluminum, zinc and silicon wires of # 5 and # 6 need to be polished, although the production of the finished machine will be later than that of the whole unit.The original bending and straightening machine of the company, no matter domestic or imported, has only one working condition of dry drawing and straightening.Line 5 introduces the whole drawing straightener from clasim company and the light finishing machine with the key parts, both of which have dry and wet working conditions, which can be used for dry finishing and dry drawing correction, or for wet finishing and wet drawing correction.The so-called wet finishing and wet drawing correction is to spray purified water or smooth drawing correction fluid at the work roll, and wash off the aluminum, zinc and silicon alloy particles that have been rubbed off the surface of the steel belt on the roller surface, so as to avoid the alloy particles sticking to the roll surface pressing the hot plating plate surface into small pits.Therefore, the surface quality of the product can be better guaranteed by wet light finishing and wet drawing straightening than dry light finishing and dry drawing straightening.In order to remove the water stains on the surface after finishing and drawing, a pair of dry rollers are arranged behind the finishing machine, and a pair of dry rollers and a dryer are arranged behind the bending straightening unit.(3) environmental friendly passivation and fingerprint resistant treatment company's original hot plating lines, its surface treatment after plating only passivation.The post-plating surface treatment of line 5 and line 6 can be passivated and fingerprint resistant.Fingerprint resistant treatment is in coating surface coated with a thin organic coatings, formation thickness in 1 um fluctuation of fingerprint resistant film, the film is thicker than passivation film, than the passive film corrosion resistance is strong, can achieve the result of fingerprint resistant (dry stained fingers, after the fingerprint can be used cloth wipe out), the current hot galvanized sheet national standard "GB/T 2518-2004," fingerprint resistant treatment is referred to as "paint" in order to save floor, 5 #, 6 # line passivation/fingerprint resistant treatment system arrangement on the vertical column.Resistant to fingerprint treatment or passivation, are roller coated on the surface of the coated steel belt.The two processes in production do not work together, but only do one of them.When making fingerprint resistant treatment, the steel belt runs from bottom to top, and the fingerprint resistant coating machine applies fingerprint resistant treatment solution to the surface of the two coatings on both sides of the steel belt.The passivation coater coating roller is on, steel belt through the empty after passivation coating machine, through the length of 12 m drying, baking curing furnace, complete the curing process of fingerprint resistant: then, steel belt continue up after the first bellows, again from the top downward through the second, three turns bellows, cooled to near room temperature, then turned into export looping tower.When doing passivation treatment, it is the work of opening and passivating machine of fingerprint resistant coating machine. The other processes are the same, except the passivating drying temperature is lower than that of fingerprint resistant curing temperature.Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection at home and abroad.The European council's RoHS directive bans or limits the use of six harmful substances, including lead (Pb), hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), polybrominated diphenyzyme (PBDE) and polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), on the European market for new electronic and electrical products from July 1, 2006.The original passivation liquid used by our company for each hot-plating unit contains hexavalent chromium.In order to meet the requirement of strengthening the environmental protection policy, the company decided to use the environment-friendly post-plating table on line 5 and line 6, namely the passivation solution and fingerprint resistant treatment solution without hexavalent chromium and other 6 substances.The environment-friendly zhenhua has been put into use, and the environment-friendly fingerprint resistant primer will be put into use in the next step.