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Hot Dip Galvanizing Production Line Drawing Bending Straightening

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanizing production line drawing bending straightening

The stretching-bending sedan chair has the following functions:

1. Improve the shape and flatness of the plate.

2. Reduce or eliminate the yield platform of the steel plate, so as to reduce or eliminate the slippage of the galvanized steel plate when it is used for forming and processing.By straightening and bending the yield platform is eliminated and can last up to 4 weeks.

3. Improve the anisotropy of steel plate.The vertical yield strength of unbent steel belt is lower, and the horizontal yield strength is higher than 1. After the buckling, the difference of the vertical and horizontal yield strength disappears or decreases, the anisotropy disappears or weakens, and the homogeneity is obtained or basically obtained.

Tensile straightening elongation (also known as tensile coefficient): maximum 2%.

. Total elongation rates of light consolidation and tension correction: maximum 3.5%.

The first two functions of light finishing and bending correction are the common basic functions of light finishing and bending straightening.The bending straightener plays a bigger role in improving the shape of the plate, reducing and eliminating the holding time of the yielding platform for a longer time. Therefore, the necessity and importance of the bending straightener are greater than that of the finishing machine.A hot plating line (or a continuous annealing line), only the finishing machine (the leveling machine) is not able to pull the straightener, only the leveling machine (the leveling machine) is not able to pull the straightener (the leveling machine), both the drawing straightener and the finishing machine (the leveling machine) are perfect and better.