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Hot Dip Galvanizing Production Line Drying Equipment

- Jul 21, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanizing production line drying equipment

    The drying device of hot dip galvanizing production line is an indirect heating hot air convection type, which is divided into two heating zones.It is welded steel and steel plate structure, the inner wall is lined with 1.0mm stainless steel plate, the insulation layer is 150mm thick, and the outer wall plate is colored steel plate.As some organic steam and water vapor may be produced during the process of loading, the drying device is provided with a smoke exhaust pipe.For speeding up the drying speed of steel plate, steel plate in the oven with jet box, on both sides under the action of heat flow in the circulation fan, after indirect heating device to heat into jet box, and then from the seam type high speed jet nozzle, spray to the steel plate surface, by dry jet stream broke the flow boundary layer on the surface of the steel plate, thus strengthening of transfer coefficient on the surface of the steel plate.After the replacement, the air flow flows out of the furnace and back into the indirect heating device for the next cycle.

    There are two sets of combustion systems in the dry and slow device and the air circulation is used.The burner is in the form of a combustion machine, and the point k is automatic. The system and the electric control system cooperate to realize the automatic cutting off of gas supply after the flame detection and extinguishing.

    2) cooling device body

The cooling device of hot-dip galvanizing production line is a cold air convection type. It is welded with section steel and steel plate.Its working principle is that under the action of the cooling fan, the air flow enters the spray box arranged on both sides of the steel plate, and then sprays into the surface of the steel plate from the inside of the nozzle and the amount of the steel plate carried away to achieve the cooling purpose.

    3. Electronic control system

    The electric control system of hot-dip galvanizing production line includes electric system and instrument system, which includes starting and stopping control of circulating fan, cooling fan, exhaust fan, etc., as well as linkage sequence control of gas switch and fan starting and stopping of combustion engine.

    The instrument system includes the temperature control unit of dry air flow, the measuring unit of zone temperature and pressure and various interlock protection units.Each unit consists of the following:

    The air flow temperature control unit consists of thermocouple, temperature controller and burner, etc. The actual air flow temperature measured by the resistance is compared with the temperature set by the process

      At the same time, the combustion engine adjusts the air volume automatically according to the gas volume to realize the automatic control of the air flow temperature.

     The temperature and pressure measuring unit consists of thermocouple, temperature indicator, pressure gauge, etc., and is used for the measurement and display of furnace temperature and pressure.

The gas flow measurement unit consists of orifice plate, three valve set, differential pressure transmitter and flow indicator, which is used to measure and display the instantaneous and accumulated gas flow.

    The interlock protection unit consists of a flame detector, a gas pressure switch, and a pneumatic cut-off valve. When a flameout occurs and the gas pressure is too low, the system will automatically cut off the gas supply to ensure safe operation.