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Hot Dip Galvanized Production Line

- Jul 21, 2018 -


Hot dip galvanized production line


  Hot dip galvanizing production line. After hot dip galvanizing, the strip steel rises vertically from the zinc pot through the air knife. After the air knife blows, the excess zinc solution adhered to the surface is blown off, so as to control the coating thickness of the strip steel surface.

    The strip steel of hot-dip galvanizing production line rises vertically from the air knife and then enters the vertical air cooling device after plating for cooling.After this wind cooling, the strip surface temperature cooled to about 280 ℃ or so, at this point, the coating on the surface of the steel strip has been completely frozen., after the strip steel by the tower No. 1 to roll to, into the level of natural cooling section, strip steel by the tower No. 2 to roll steering, downward cooling period of cooling, the steel strip has dropped below 160 ℃, into the water quench cooling device strip steel by the exhaust nozzle jet cooling and immersion cooling.

    Strip steel after quenching tank Canon of desalting water circulation cooling, the temperature down to about 40-45 ℃.Come out of the quench tank vertically and dry by two pairs of dry rollers.

     After cooling and drying in hot dip galvanizing production line, the strip steel enters no.4 tensioning device and light finishing machine through the rectifying device and the steering roller, and then enters the bending straightener through no.5 tighteners to stretch and straighten the sheet shape of the strip steel.

     After the strip steel of hot-dip galvanizing production line comes out from the bending straightener, it goes into the chemical treatment device through no.6 and no.7 tensioning devices.In the chemical department, the processing device passivates the coating on the surface of strip steel, so as to prevent white rust from forming during storage and transportation.After passivation treatment, the strip is dried and cooled by the gas drying device, followed by the steering roller, no.8 tensioning device and the rectifying device.