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Hot Dip Galvanizing Production Line Process Overview

- Jul 21, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanizing production line process overview

   The raw material steel coil shall be manually removed and packaged in the raw material warehouse. After inspection and confirmation, it shall be transported by crane to the steel coil car.After cutting off the bundle, the raw material steel coil is transported from the steel coil car to the reel of the uncoiling machine. Manually, the steel coil is placed on the reel.Then, the car began to descend, and the steel coil car returned to the roll bearing position and waited for the next coil.The steel coil is positioned after the drum of the uncoiling machine, and the drum of the uncoiling machine begins to rise, tightening the inner diameter of the steel coil, and tightening the roller to compress the steel coil.Then, the drum of the uncoiling machine and the compression roller start to rotate, and the steel strip head is fed into the clamping roller through the wearing table.The clamping roller clamps the strip steel and begins to rotate. The strip steel head is sent to the double shear to remove the unqualified part of the strip steel head.Cut the head, and then the strip is sent by the clip feed roller, to the sink feed roller, waiting for welding with the end of the strip of the previous coil.The scrap is dropped into the bin

   When the end of a steel coil is still a certain length left on the drum of the uncoiler, the inlet section of the unit begins to run at a reduced speed automatically.When the end of the coil is close to the front of the double shear, the unit's entrance section is stopped and the end of the strip is cut off by the double shear.After the end of the strip is cut, it runs to the welding machine at the speed of belt penetration. At the welding machine, the lead of the next steel coil is automatically welded together through the narrow lap welding machine, so that the strip can continuously pass through the subsequent equipment of the unit.


      The head of hot-dip galvanizing production line is equipped with two uncoiling machines and a double cutting shears.When one uncoiling machine is in normal operation, another uncoiling machine opens the head of the next steel coil and completes the cutting of the head, which is ready for welding.

     After the completion of welding, the inlet section of the unit begins to speed up, and the strip steel passes through No.1 tensioning device to enter the cleaning section equipment at a speed higher than that of the technological section of the unit, and then enters the inlet sleeve after passing No.2 tensioning device.When the inlet sleeve is full, the inlet velocity of the unit drops to the process segment speed, and the inlet segment of the unit runs synchronously with the process segment of the unit.a