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Characteristics Of Hot-dip Galvanizing Unit

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Characteristics of hot-dip galvanizing unit

(1)Advanced and reliable technology

    This unit adopts the United States steel method hot-dip galvanizing technology, which has the characteristics of simple operation, high quality of products, flexible production, strong adaptability of products, reliable technology and so on.镀锌5.jpg

(2) reasonable equipment selection,

     A large number of advanced and reliable technologies and equipment are used in the design of advanced units:

    (1) hot tensioning rollers are set at the outlet section of the furnace, which can separate the tension control between the furnace section and the process section, providing guarantee for the normal operation of the process section and stable coating quality;The cooling section is controlled by RJC, and the variable frequency speed control adopted by the gas jet fan can effectively and accurately control the temperature of steel in the zinc pot, which can effectively eliminate the problem of uneven cooling before plating of strip steel.

     (2) air blade fan for air volume range is big, air blade fan adopts frequency control of motor speed control, is good for accurate control of zinc layer thickness and reduce the production cost, air blade transverse adjusting mechanism with high precision frequency control of motor speed transmission, lifting adopts workers' motor drive, can adjust air knife accurate position and create conditions for closed-loop control.

    (3)Four-roll wet finishing machine with hydraulic AGC pressure control, with maximum rolling force of 530t and maximum bending roll force of 70 tons;It can reduce and eliminate the yield platform of strip steel and improve mechanical performance.

    (4) The hydraulic quick lifting and stretching bending and straightening machine is adopted for accurate and reliable shape control and convenient and accurate operation.

     (5) the advanced roller coating passivation technology can accurately control the thickness of the passivation film, improve the passivation effect and shorten the length of the production line, and reduce the pollution emission.,

     (6) the rectifying system adopts imported rectifying technology, which can effectively control the operation of strip steel and improve the reliability of unit production

    (7) the key electronic control equipment of the whole line adopts Siemens products to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the electrical control system.