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China Strip Pickling Line Manufacturers

- Jul 12, 2018 -

China Strip Pickling Line manufacturers

     The belt steel operates in the tank with a smaller volume than the deep tank, and the acid circulation pump has strong circulation. The ring capacity enables the acid in the shallow tank to move.The relative motion between acid solution and strip steel increases the erosion of strip steel by acid solution, so the pickling efficiency is higher than that of deep groove, which can be increased by about 20%.

   The acid tank is arranged in series, and there is no partition wall in the tank. The acid scraping roller and small collection tank interval are adopted to keep the acid concentration of each pickling tank to a certain degree, which ensures the pickling effect of strip steel.

   the depth of the groove is about 1000mm, and the liquid level is 300~500mm high, which is shallower than the conventional deep groove, and a tensioning device is adopted. The strip steel is kept with obvious tension, force and no free overhang sleeve, which means the total length of the strip steel in the acid groove increases.There is no belt steel elevator in the groove, which overcomes the swing of the strip steel and the uncontrollable vertical degree when it passes through the deep groove at high speed.

     When the specification of strip steel changes in the production process, the acid and liquid temperature in the tank can be changed rapidly, i.e., the pickling process can be changed.