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China Acid Pickling Line Suppliers

- Jul 09, 2018 -

China Acid Pickling Line suppliers

    Need pickling process of steel coil by raw materials across the crane on the unit of entry coil storage rotary rack, the rotary rack, by hydraulic motor, it has three carrying arms, each arm can carry a maximum 24 tons of steel coils.The steel coil on the rotating frame is removed by the ground type steel coil car, and then transported across the span to the drum of the pickling uncoiler.

    Drum up after open fixed coil, turn the uncoiler and with the aid of pressure roller and uncoiling knife device will strip head to play. The open clamp straightening machine, straightening after take the lead to cut head camber of strip head unqualified parts, and then by means of 1 #, 2 # side guide device for machine to order to wear a belt.

    After the wear indicator light is on, the wear belt shall be started, so that the lead shall pass through the pre-cleaning tank, the three-stage pickling tank, the four-stage spraying cleaning tank and the hot air dryer to reach the cutting place of the disk in turn.There are three functions of the preflush tank: first, the strip is cleaned by removing loose dust, oxidized iron sheet, oil and residue from the strip through the prewash tank before it enters the pickling tank.Second, it plays the role of preheating strip steel.The third is to flush the surface of strip steel when reversing after the breakdown, and remove the acid from the acid groove on the surface of strip steel, so as not to corrode the equipment at the entrance section.The pre-flushing solution can be cold water or alkaline, depending on different needs;Three sections of cascade countercurrent pickling tank is used to remove iron oxide on the surface of the steel strip, each storage tank acid circulation system with a set of independent, continuous heating acid acid circulation system used for keeping acid temperature within the scope of a specified process, moreover through circulating mixing effect, to fully exchange acid on the surface of the steel strip, thereby enhancing pickling effect;Acid pickling waste acid is automatically discharged into the waste acid tank for treatment.Spray cleaning system is used to remove acid residue on the surface of strip steel.This saves water consumption.After the strip is out of the cleaning tank, the strip surface is dried by a hot air dryer.In the process of wearing the belt, the steel head of the belt is tracked by the tape measuring system, so as to successively connect the rollers of the pickling process section to lift up and down, so as to complete the belt wearing smoothly.