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Two Kinds Of Production Methods For Small Zinc-flower Zinc-free Flower Plate

- Jul 06, 2018 -

two kinds of production methods for small zinc-flower zinc-free flower plate

    There are two kinds of production methods for small zinc-flowers hot-dip galvanized steel plate without zinc-flowers.The two types of methods were developed successively.

     For a long time, people used to produce and use large zinc plate.With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, hot galvanized sheet using domain expands gradually, automotive, home appliance manufacturing, manufacturing industries such as width, puts forward new requirements on the surface of hot galvanized sheet structure, and the big zinc slabs coating have an adverse effect such as deep processing, can't meet the requirements.Take colour coating board for example, use large zinc flower board as colour besmear substrate, produced the three drawbacks mentioned above.Therefore, since the 1960 s have been abroad, research and development of all kinds of special equipment "zinc flower suppressor", to produce small zinc plate, the message is on the surface of the steel strip that has not yet solidified liquid zinc layer, artificially caused numerous crystal center, make the zinc layer after rapid cooling solidification form many tiny zinc, flowers.There are many methods: the method of compressed air and water, compressed air and zinc salt solution, the method of steam and water, the method of water vapor and zinc salt solution, the method of compressed air and zinc powder, the method of cold roll in law, and so on.Among them, the method of compressed air and water is often called "aerosol method" and is used relatively frequently.Aerosol method consists of zinc containing many nozzle spray suppressor, blow compressed air and water, in the compressed air to water on spray hole crushed into dense tiny water droplets, spray to the zinc pot newly steel, surface, a small water droplets is a crystallization of the center, thus generating the zinc of tiny flowers.The structure of zinc-flower inhibitors developed by various enterprises is different from each other.With the invention of zinc-flower suppressor, small zinc-flower zinc-free flower plate was born.For more than 20 years, many patents have been issued for the development of zinc-flower suppressor in foreign countries.Such small zinc-flowered non-zinc-flowered plates can overcome the three disadvantages of large zinc-flowered plates and meet the requirements of new application fields such as the production of color plates.Various methods of zinc flower suppressor are the first method of producing zinc - free flower plate.