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Process Flow Of Color Coating Production Line

- Jun 27, 2018 -

  • Process flow of color coating production line

   The workers put the coil on the seat of the loading trolley through the skycar. The cart rises and transports the coil to the work.Industry line and the center of the payoff reel drum line, uncoiler Jane by the hydraulic to open, with the coil diameter expanding, and then feeding the small car drops, returned to their location and ready to operate under a coil. The uncoiler is close to the reel.

    There is an adjustable buffer roll on the outer diameter of the material. When cutting off the binding belt, it is used to prevent the coil from suddenly releasing.The buffer roller can also assist in feeding the head of the roll into the former clamping machine, which provides the head of the roll to the cutting machine.Wait for stitching before closing the machine.The shears are used to remove useless heads.Prepared strip are led into the support location before stitching machine, until another uncoiling machine belt, all material release, its tail to stitching machine, stitching machine by manual operation will be two roll strip together, together, crimson or machine stitching on strip at the same time punching a hole detection technology, is used to control the system to detect strip seam, location, and can automatically roll coating roll and other important roll up, avoid suture head injury to it.There is a press behind the stitching machine for flattening the seams.1. The tensioner draws strips from the inlet end of the operation line to the inlet sleeve 1.

   The inlet sleeve is normally full, and when the inlet segment is stitched and stopped, it will still supply the strip for the continued operation of the detergent coating process segment. The inlet sleeve can supply 2 minutes when the operation line runs at full speedThe strip.

   In each of the coiled strip stitching cycle restarts, after the completion of the entire section will overclock entrance, until the entrance looping strip, then entrance section automatically slow down to the cleaning roller coating technology section of the same speed.Repeat the next cycle until the roll is finished.The entry section is provided with a main operating console with all the main control equipment of the entry sectionTouch screen.