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Optimization Of Pickling And Washing Processes(二)

- Jun 22, 2018 -

optimization of pickling and washing processes(二)

  use compound rust remover instead of single hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid solution to remove rust,Single hydrochloric acid solution volatile, easy to over - acid cleaning, a small amount of oil can not be easily removed, BenThe factory mainly USES hydrochloric acid plus compound solvent, in which there are ullotropine, SLS activitySex agent, tx-10, additive, its advantage lies in the fast pickling but no pickling, reduce acidThe release of fog volatilizes, saving hydrochloric acid. In general, 1t hydrochloric acid can remove steel components above 40t."The rust on the surface is about 33% less than the direct use of hydrochloric acid. Normal temperature compound hydrochloric acid lotionThe hydrochloric acid in the cube is the main component, ullotropine is a corrosion inhibitor, tx-10 has the activation infiltrationDiaphaneity, SLS active agent can play the combined effect of wetting and osmosis, and inhibit acid fog.The additive is an organic substance containing carboxylic acid, which can complexate with Fe and Fe.To reduce the content of iron ions in the hydrochloric acid lotion is beneficial to reduce the zinc ferroalloy (zinc slag) in the zinc solution.To produce and improve the ductility of galvanized layer on the surface of steel parts.

    wash with warm water after pickling"

    The use of warm water washing, mainly to consider good washing, dissolving adhesion to the steel sheetThe surface iron salt reduces the amount of iron salt carried into the next process. Because you have to get to a certain temperature!(greater than 25 ℃) can rise quickly remove the effect of iron salts, from energy saving point of view, our factory will water cooling after hot dip galvanized steel members in the pool is 70 ℃ hot water continuously introduced to wash in the pool,Play the role of warm water to clean and maintain clean water.