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The Task And Principle Of Continuous Annealing Unit

- Jun 21, 2018 -

  • The task and principle of continuous annealing unit

     The task of the tandem annealing unit is to clean the surface of cold rolled strip steel before decarbonizing and recrystallization annealingEliminate the stress caused by cold rolling of strip steel, promote grain growth, and apply insulating layer, so as to contain carbon in steelControl below 30ppm to ensure magnetic energy and mechanical performance meet user needs.

  The main functions of the unit are as follows:

(1) clean surface dirt of cold-rolled strip steel;

(2) eliminate the internal stress of cold-rolled strip steel;

(3) control the carbon content of steel to below 30ppm;

(4) complete recrystallization and make recrystallization grains grow up, and finally form perfect and uniform recrystallization grains.Obtain the required magnetism of the finished product;

(5) apply an insulating layer to the surface of strip steel, so that the finished product can obtain the necessary insulation performance.

1.2. Process principle of the unitCa1-4 units first clean the surface of strip steel by means of spray washing, brushing and electrolytic cleaningImpurities, and then the strip steel through the annealing furnace for heating, heat balance, cooling and other process control processes to achieve decarbonization.Eliminate the stress, recrystallization and grain growth of cold rolling and apply insulation coating on the surface of strip steel after continuous annealingLayer to ensure that magnetic energy, mechanical properties and surface quality meet the requirements. The carbon content in strip steel is controlled commonly!Below 30ppm, the strip is kept flat by tension control during annealing.