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The General Development Trend Of Galvanized Steel Plate

- Jun 20, 2018 -

The general development trend of galvanized steel plate

The development of the automobile industry since the 1970s,The development of zinc-plated steel plate is as follows

(1) large-scale product specifications and production capacity, and specialized production lines. In recent years, there have been units with a production capacity of 500,000 to 600,000 tons per year and a board width of 1800-2000mm.Promote the zinc plating industry through technical transformation and new

(2) highly automatic production. The production line realizes automatic control over welding, furnace temperature and unit tension and production speed through electronic computer control system. Speed, air knife, automatic thickness measurement and other closed-loop control are applied to the galvanized layer, and they are applied to the old and new units.

(3) generally, surface pre-cleaning and development towards the vertical furnace are adopted. The two processes are getting closer and closer because of the use of a vertical furnace and the addition of chemical or electrochemical surface precleaning processes.

(4) to produce more kinds of steel and more kinds of coatings. Many of the new production lines have adopted the first-line multi-pot layout. Can use a production line to produce a variety of coating components of the product, can achieve rapid, replacement.

(5) in addition, the annealing heat treatment equipment has been improved, which can be used for the treatment of IF plate without aging. In addition to the raw, production of ordinary steel plate hot-dip galvanized products, IF steel plating plate can also be produced.

(6) as the world will face the depletion of zinc resources, galvanized sheets have certain advantages in competition due to their low zinc consumption. Especially in the development of various corrosion - resistant galvanized alloy steel plate, once the corrosion - resistant good coating alloy, will occupy a certain position in the competition.