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Advantages Of Mechanical Zinc Plating In Comparison With Electroplating

- Jun 15, 2018 -

3. Advantages of mechanical zinc plating in comparison with electroplating

 hot-dip galvanizing and dacromet treatment3.1 comparative application advantages with electrogalvanizingIn industrial applications, electric galvanizing process in the cathode hydrogen, it will do as a cathode hydrogen, which, on the high strength steel parts as the cathode by plating on permeability fluorine effect, high strength steel parts in use this as a result, the process of hydrogen embrittlement fracture accidents (the current domestic, happen quenching high-strength nail in use process, and its breaking accident, it has a relationship with USES electric galvanizing technology. Used for nail products in developed countries, and safety norms, refused to nail surface anti-corrosion with easy to produce hydrogen embrittlement fracture of electroplating process) : mechanical galvanizing technology, high strength steel parts for plating does not produce hydrogen harm, this function advantage, is not better than galvanized. In addition, comparison, galvanized machinery industry galvanizing technology advantage is: the operation is simple, barrel plating is easier to control for small parts, system, less energy consumption, half an hour can finish 50 um plating thickness of plating.