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Quality Inspection And Control Of Mechanical Galvanized Coatings

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Quality inspection and control of mechanical galvanized coatingsAt present

 the technology of the mechanical plating process in the production of domestic application has begun to take shape, mainly in export parts, electricity, force with fastening parts, hardware, construction nail, nail, link chain, stamping parts, drlling screw and related mechanical products used in identity of flexibility and fasteners, high strength steel fastening parts and machinery products, etc.The marketization process of industrial technology application has also put forward corresponding technical standards and technical upgrading requirements. Domestic mechanical plating plants and domestic and foreign buyers are beginning to pay attention to coating technology, standards and inspection and acceptance of mechanical plating products. Mechanical zinc plating technology application in home, at present there are mainly three types of mechanical plating promoter (initiator) technology formula and related technology operating essentials of different reflected different coating, a bad situation. Aimed at this situation, this paper according to related plating technology standard of mechanical industry, mechanical copperplating layer of different parts of products listed, detect discriminant method was proposed to evaluate the pros and cons of coating, use closed user applications to the mechanical technology of production and quality test increased to a certain level of understanding.