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Specification And Performance Of Color Steel Sandwich Board:

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Specification and performance of color steel sandwich board:

1. Color steel sandwich board, usually with tongue-and-groove insert, has the advantages of convenient installation, time saving and material saving, good flatness and high strength, especially suitable for ceiling and partition system.

2. Thickness (mm) : 50-250;

3. Length (mm) : as a result of continuous molding production, the board length can be determined according to users' needs;

4. Width (mm) : 1150 (1200)

5. Core material performance: a. polystyrene volume density: 15kg/m3 thermal conductivity: 0.036w /m.K maximum operating temperature: about 100oc

B. Rock wool volume density: > 110kg/m3 thermal conductivity: < 0.043W/m.K maximum operating temperature: about 500 oC A| non-combustibility: class B1 B, non-combustibility: class A

A, 950 corrugated colored steel sandwich board integrating corrugated board and sandwich board, than ordinary plane caigang sandwich board intensity increased three times, and roof truss coupling with hidden self drilling screws, don't destroy the exposed portion of caitu, prolong the life span of the colored steel sandwich board;The plate and plate are connected by the cap type, which is convenient for construction, improves efficiency and is not easy to infiltrate water.

B. Core material of rock wool heat insulation color steel sandwich board is mainly made of xuanwu and other natural ores, which are fused into fibers at high temperature, and then cured by adding appropriate amount of binder.This product is suitable for insulation and sound insulation of industrial equipment, buildings, ships, etc., as well as for ceiling and partition of purification room, explosion-proof fire prevention workshop.

C, PU polyurethane caigang sandwich panel sandwich board bond strength is not less than 0.09 MPa, sandwich board combustion performance achieve B1 level, flexural bearing capacity of sandwich board deflection for Lo / 200 (Lo), the distance between bearings, sandwich plate flexural bearing capacity of not less than 0.5 Kn/m2