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Reasons For Dezinc Of Hot Galvanized Sheet

- May 29, 2018 -

Dezincification reason

(1) the impurity particles on the surface of the substrate were not removed before being immersed in the zinc pot, which affected the adhesion of the zinc layer.

(2) the substrate is attached with an iron oxide layer, proving that the substrate in the annealing furnace has not been completely reduced to the spongy pure iron required for galvanization.

(3) the Al content in the alloy layer is small, and no reasonable Fe2Al5 alloy layer, which determines the adhesion of the zinc layer, has been formed, or the alloy layer is damaged by the overgrown fe - zn alloy layer.

So, to solve the problem of the zinc layer falls off, we should improve the substrate surface cleanliness, ensure that in the annealing furnace atmosphere control, to ensure that the substrate restore completely, and adjust the zinc liquid temperature and so on, improve the quality of hot dip galvanized hot-rolled products.