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Common Problems And Treatment Of Coating

- May 26, 2018 -

  • Common problems and treatment of coating




precautionary   measures


The vertical   flow

Flow mark

In the coated surface or the line   Angle of the grooves, the paint flow.Form coating film thickness uneven,   serious as hanging curtain droop, light as beads tear marks.

l  hinner   volatilizes slowly

l   overcoating,   such as heavy gun spray

l   the   spraying distance  is too close and the spraying Angle is improper.

l   paint   viscosity is too low

l   air is   not circulating, the surrounding air solvent content is too high

l   too low

l  Choose the   appropriate thinner

l  coating film   must not be overweight, even walking.

l   improve   the proficiency of spraying operations, control the distance of spraying for   large parts 25-30cm, small parts 15-20cm, and move in parallel with the   surface.

l   strictly   control the construction viscosity of paint, usually 18-26 seconds.

l   appropriate   ventilation to keep the temperature above 10

Coarse grain


Produced in the dry film projection,   the particle distribution on the whole or partial surface, usually called   GeDa, small said "heat rash", some are very small (tip) particle   size distribution, and luster

l  The   surrounding air is not clean and there is dust in the coating room.

l  The paint   doesn't filter well.

l  The painted   surface is not clean


l  Keep the air   in the room clean and free of dust.

l  After the   coating is matched, it must be filtered before spraying.

l  Clean the   coated surface and dust until clean



When besmear face lacquer appears   besmear, layer is bitten off, show furrow bulge phenomenon more.

l  Apply a coat   of paint before it dries

l  The solvent of   l surface paint can dissolve swelling primer

l  overcoating

l  The l bottom   coating should be dry through and painted on the surface.

l   surface   paint with weak solvent

An albino



The paint film becomes white fog   shape, serious loss of light, there are microholes and silks on the film, but   sometimes in the drying process will be restored to the original appearance

n  in air temperature and humidity is too big, more than the ratio of solvent   is diluted by water, or in the process of drying due to solvent evaporation   coating surface temperature drops, the surface air temperature will be below   the "dew point", the moisture in the air condenses infiltration,   emulsion surface into a translucent white film, with moisture to evaporate   finally, replaced by the air gap will be perforated matt coating.

l  coating field   environment temperature is best in 15 to 25 , relative humidity should not be   greater than 70%.

l  The diluted   and compressed air used by l shall be checked for purity and moisture.