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Analysis Of Common Problems In Painting Process Of Colored Coating.

- May 24, 2018 -

Analysis of common problems in painting process of colored coating.

High-speed continuous production line width, at home and abroad, generally using the roller coating method, namely in a certain thickness of wet coating is formed on the coating roller, then transfer the part or all of the wet coating to be coated.It is characterized by fast speed and high production efficiency.

The coating process is as follows: the material roller is immersed in the lacquer disc, and the coating is transferred directly to the coating roller by the roll body rotation, and then the coating is applied to the strip.When three roll coating, the pick-up roll coating from the paint plate adsorption, through reverse slowly spinning metering roller, make the pick-up roll coating on the flat, then transfer to the coating roller, the final coating on the strip of reverse rotation.The operator needs to adjust the speed ratio of each roll and the pressure between the rolls according to the coating conditions and finished product, so as to produce qualified color coating.There are many kinds of specific coating methods, according to the number of roller rolls, can be divided into two rollers and three rollers;According to the direction of roller coating, it can be divided into reverse roller coating and roll coating. The production plant can choose the coating method according to the requirements of finished products and the coating parameters.

Integrated the advantages and disadvantages of direct coating and reverse coating, now in general use direct coating primer, coating paint and using reverse coating of paint, in addition, three roll roll relative to the two roller, coating good flowing property, high precision, but difficult to adjust, number plate or car plate used in the production of home appliance, to date, most production building materials consisting mainly of the production line adopts two roller coating.

In MCL process, affects the quality of the problem is very much, raw materials, cleaning, chromium, coating, curing, such as water will affect the finished product, and it is difficult to distinguish, judging method commonly used in production, on the whole, due to the paint coating need to adjust the parameters of many, is the place where the most prone to problems.