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Galvanized Sheet For Hot-dip Galvanizing Production Line

- May 22, 2018 -

Galvanized sheet for hot-dip galvanizing production line refers to a steel plate with a zinc coating on the surface.Zinc plating is an economical and effective anti-rust method, which is used in around half of the world's zinc production.Galvanized steel plate is designed to prevent corrosion of the steel plate surface and prolong its service life. It is coated with a layer of metal zinc, which is called galvanized sheet.

Galvanized sheet steel products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and commercial industries.Among them, the construction industry is mainly used for the manufacture of anti-corrosion industrial and civil building roof panel, roof grille, etc.The light industry USES its manufacturing home appliance shell, civilian chimney, kitchen appliance, etc., the automobile industry is mainly used to make the corrosion resistant parts of the car;Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are mainly used for food storage and transportation, meat and aquatic products frozen processing equipment, etc.Commerce is mainly used as the storage and transportation of materials, packaging equipment and so on.