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Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment Production Line. The Process Of Hot Galvanizing.

- May 21, 2018 -

Hot dip galvanizing equipment production line.

The process of hot galvanizing.

Galvanized layer formation process is the pure zinc iron matrix and the outermost layer between the formation of iron, zinc alloy, surface formed in hot dip galvanized iron zinc alloy layer, that makes good combination between iron and pure zinc layer, the process can be simply described as follows: when the blacksmith a immersed in molten zinc liquid, in the first place on the interface formation of zinc iron heart (body) with a solid solution.This is a matrix of metallic iron dissolved in a solid state with zinc atoms forming a crystal, the two metal atoms are fused together, the atom is less attractive.So when zinc in solid solution after reaching saturation, two kinds of zinc iron atom diffusion, spread to (or into) iron matrix of zinc atom in the lattice matrix migration, gradually formed and iron alloy, and spread to molten zinc liquid iron and zinc in the formation of intermetallic compounds FeZn13, sank into the hot dip galvanized pot is zinc slag.When the workpiece is removed from the dip, the surface forms a pure zinc layer, which is a hexagon crystal.Its iron content is not greater than 0.003%.