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The Reasons And Solutions Of Common Problems In Painting.

- Apr 21, 2018 -

The reasons and solutions of common problems in painting.

Bit base:

1. Phenomenon: the bottom of the bite refers to the softening and swelling of the coating film in the upper coating, resulting in the poor adhesion of the paint film, and the phenomenon of peeling and exposing.

2, the reason

(1) the primer is not completely dry, and the solvent in the paint is easy to dissolve the primer and soften it, causing a bite.

(2) when brushing the paint, the operation is not quick, and the repeated brush strokes can result in the phenomenon of bite.

(3) before the film is highly oxidized and polymerized into film, it will be eroded before it meets the strong solvent.If the primer is lacquered with phenolic paint, the solvent in the nitrocellulose lacquer will remove the oil phenolic paint and separate it from the original base.

(4) the former coating curing agent is insufficient and the crosslinking is not sufficient;

(5) the coating is not matched twice before and after.

3, countermeasures

(1) after the primer is completely dry, brush the coating.

(2) when brushing solvent paint, it should be skillful, accurate and quick to prevent repeated brushing.

(3) the underlying coating and coating should be used together.

(4) in the case of severe biting, all the coating should be removed completely, and the same variety of paint shall be used for painting after the grass roots are dried.