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The Reasons And Solutions Of Common Problems In Painting

- Apr 20, 2018 -

The reasons and solutions of common problems in painting.

And white

1. Phenomenon: the film contains water or other liquid, the coating color is whiter than before, and the film is white mist.

2. Reasons:

(1) the water content of the plate is too high, and the volatile product is left in the paint film to cause white hair;

(2) excessive environmental humidity;

(3) water is mixed in the construction surface, container and paint;

(4) the diluent evaporates too fast;

(5) the water contained in the paint film is not clear;

(6) for black walnut and other dark boards, use less transparent paint, because the transparency problem is white;

(7) thick paint construction;

(8) the curing agent is wrong, and it is white with the paint.

3. Countermeasures:

(1) before plate construction, it should be dried and controlled, and the water content of the control board is below 12%;

(2) use transparent paint construction for dark panels;

(3) paint construction should not be coated at one time;

(4) do not construct when humidity is high, if necessary, add proper slow drying water;

(5) the construction surface should be clean and not wet;

(6) do not mix water in paints and containers;

(7) use the specified diluent and curing agent;

(8) the water at the bottom layer should be dried, especially with water mill.