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What Is Hydraulic

- Apr 10, 2018 -

What is hydraulic

Hydraulic is a term of mechanical industry and electromechanical industry.Hydraulic power can be driven by power transmission.Hydraulic pressure can also be used as a control method, called hydraulic control.

Hydraulic transmission is fluid as the working medium, the pressure of liquid can be used to transfer power.

Hydraulic control is controlled by the pressure liquid as the control signal transmission mode.The control system composed of hydraulic technology is called hydraulic control system.Hydraulic control usually includes hydraulic open loop control and hydraulic closed-loop control.Hydraulic servo control, hydraulic pressure closed-loop control, that is, it constitutes a hydraulic servo system, usually include electric hydraulic servo system (electro-hydraulic servo system) and mechanical hydraulic servo system (machine hydraulic servo system, or machine hydraulic servo mechanism), etc.

A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, energy device, actuator, control adjusting device, auxiliary device and liquid medium.Because of its large transmission power, easy to transmit and configuration, hydraulic efficiency is widely used in industry and civil industry.The function of the hydraulic system (hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor) is to convert the pressure of the liquid into mechanical energy to obtain the desired linear reciprocating motion or rotary motion.The power of the hydraulic system (hydraulic pump) is to convert the mechanical energy of the original motor into the pressure energy of the liquid.