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Hydraulic Equipment Precautions

- Mar 26, 2018 -

1. Oil tank wall material or paint should not be changed to oil pollution source all the time. It is better to use stainless steel as the fuel tank material of hydraulic control system.

2. The use of high-precision filter, according to the requirements of the electro-hydraulic servo valve on the filtration accuracy, generally 5-10um

3. After the tank and piping system are subjected to a general acidity treatment process, inject low-viscosity hydraulic oil or turbine oil for no-load cycle rinsing. After flushing, release all the cleaning oil, and inject the qualified hydraulic oil into the oil tank through the precision filter.

4. In order to ensure that the hydraulic control system has a better purification function during operation, it is best to add a low-pressure self-circulation cleaning circuit

5. Install the electro-hydraulic servo valve as close as possible to the hydraulic actuator. Use as few hoses as possible between the servo valve and the actuator. These are to increase the frequency response of the system.

6. Electro-hydraulic servo valve is a precise product integrating mechanical, hydraulic and electrical integration. It must have basic knowledge before installation and commissioning. In particular, it is necessary to read and understand product samples and instructions in detail.

7. The hydraulic cylinder used in the hydraulic control system shall be a low-friction hydraulic cylinder. The minimum starting pressure shall be measured prior to installation as a basis for checking the hydraulic cylinder in the future.