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Color Coating Steel Product Use

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Product use

Use galvanized steel as substrate layer color coated steel plate, in addition to have the protection of the zinc, zinc layer of organic coating on the cover isolation function, can prevent the steel rust, longer service life than galvanized steel sheet, according to the service life of the coating on the steel plate to 50% longer than galvanized steel.However, in different areas and different parts of use, the use of the same coating with the same amount of zinc, the same coating and the same coating thickness will make a big difference in the service life.For example, in industrial areas or coastal areas, due to the effects of sulphur dioxide gas or salt in the air, corrosion speed is accelerated and life expectancy is affected.In the rainy season, the coating is soaked by the rain for a long time, or the area where the temperature difference is too large and easy to be exposed at night and day, it will be corroded faster, and the service life will be reduced.Buildings or workshops made of colored coated steel are often used for long periods of time when the water is washed, otherwise they are affected by the effects of sulphur dioxide gas, salt and dust.Therefore, in the design, if the inclination of the roof is greater, the less likely to accumulate dust and other filth, the longer the service life will be.For those areas or parts that are not normally washed by rain water, wash them regularly with water.

Home appliances :31% construction :63% other :6%.

Color steel plate is widely used.It has the characteristics of non-pollution, excellent weatherability, corrosion resistance and high processing.Color steel plate is widely used in construction, home appliances, transportation, packaging, machinery processing, interior decoration, medical, automobile industry and so on.