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Advantages In Comparison And Application Of Mechanical Galvanizing With Electrogalvanizing, Hot-dip Galvanizing And Dacromet Treatment

- Jun 15, 2018 -

3. Advantages in comparison and application of mechanical galvanizing with electrogalvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing and dacromet treatment

3.2 comparative advantages with hot-dip galvanizingGalvanized layer of hot dip galvanizing process, is a basic long-term outdoor anticorrosion coating technology used in steel, this kind of technology used in the large steel parts (power transmission tower, construction steel structure, etc.) on the galvanized anti-corrosion, no doubts: but to be used in outdoor hot dipped zinc plating on fastening parts, domestic implementation process, basic is a manual operation, plus the heat diffuse plating, Zinc process characteristics, compared with the characteristics of mechanical galvanizing technology, presents the technical application of the problem, such as: hot dip galvanized coating gasket type, small parts, parts easy adhesion, threaded parts plating, molten zinc plating, will plug screw, nut, must be to set of threads after plating: smoke, dust, metal hot steam pollution is serious, while the mechanical galvanizing technology does not exist such shortcomings, in addition, the mechanical zinc plating surface to heat galvanizing surface is smooth, shiny; In terms of environmental protection, it is a fairly comparable cleaning process.