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The method of reducing the weight of zinc layer(2)

- Aug 08, 2018 -

 The method of reducing the weight of zinc layer

   Increase the air pressure of the blower and increase the air pressure of the air knifeUnder the condition that the running speed of the unit is not too low, the weight of zinc layer is negatively correlated with the pressure of air blowing (air knife air chamber pressure).

    The higher the pressure of air blowing, the lower the weight of zinc layer. The air source of the air knife system is the air blower, which increases the air pressure of the air blower, thus increasing the air pressure of the air knife and reducing the zinc layer.The maximum outlet boost (total outlet pressure value) of the fan manufactured by different blower factories is different. Take the hot plating line 1. #~6# of the coating plant for example, the export boost of the blower is 68.6kpa, which is already the highest type of centrifugal blower manufactured by the supplier. We can find a more powerful blower factory to manufacture the higher pressure blower at the outlet, and replace the original blower of the air knife system.

   Adjust the gap width of air knife lip to the width with the strongest blow effectThe width of the blade gap of the air knife is closely related to the strength of the blow effect of the air jet on the zinc liquid on the surface of the plate. Is the lip .The gap width is within a certain numerical range, where formula 1=Pb, where 1 is the impulse of air flow, P is the blow pressure, and b is the gap width of knife lip. Within this range, the impulse is directly proportional to the square of the gap width, the larger the gap width, the larger the impulse, the stronger the blow and the thinner the zinc layer. When the gap width exceeds a certain value, this formula is no longer valid. The larger the gap width is, the larger the gap width is,· the more dispersed the flow, the weaker the blow action and the thicker the zinc layer. Therefore, it can be seen that there is an optimal gap width with the strongest blow effect, which is deviated from this width. No matter the width is larger or smaller, the blow effect is weakened. Therefore, it is very useful to explore the gap width of the air knife with the strongest blow effect to thin the zinc layer.What is the width of the gap edge, middle edge and edge of the blade of the air knife blade, with air,The initial brand, model, structure of the different but different, need to test groping to determine.,