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The main style of tiles

- Mar 26, 2018 -

First, classical style

With the classical beauty more and more respected by people, the retro brick came into being. The glazed surface of Italian vintage tiles is usually treated with unevenness, deliberately making traces of mottled ages to show a moist touch. Stone-like and wood-grained tiles show a long-lasting realm in ancient simplicity, creating a unique sense of history and nature.

Second, neo-classical style

Italian neo-classical style tiles not only embody the retro romantic feeling, but also contain the attitude of modern people. Its fine stone texture, elegant temperament and excellent quality always give people a very soft and natural feeling. At the same time, it has a smooth and pleasant visual effect.

Third, modern style

Meeting the needs of modern urbanites and keeping pace with fashion trends is another theme of modern Italian tiles. Italian modern tiles have broken through the limitations of the traditional Italian tiles. The colors also tend to be beige, softer colors such as light yellow, brown, light red, and walnut, and a variety of stylish and simple colors. Modern Italian tiles have made home décor more popular and appealed to by many young people.