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Insufficient surface of roll plating in zinc plating production practice.

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Insufficient surface of roll plating in zinc plating production practice.

(1) the operating line speed is limited.Because the zinc level is located in the center line of the galvanized roller, the zinc liquid in the middle of the roller is supplemented by the two ends and the thread of the roller surface.

(2) accurate control of coating thickness is very difficult.

(3) operation and maintenance are very troublesome.In addition, in order to supplement the heat loss of the upper surface of the zinc solution, the roller must be burned by gas flame to make the roller generally used

What are the advantages of blowing over roll plating?

(1) the running speed of the strip can be increased from 80m/min in roller plating to 200m/min.

(2) easy to control the thickness of the coating, can be very thin coating, but also on the thick coating.

(3) the surface quality can be improved and the blowing automation can be finally realized.NEV

In blowing method, what are the factors that affect the coating thickness?

In summary, the factors that affect the coating thickness are blowing method: nozzle air pressure and injection Angle, the distance of the nozzle from the strip, nozzle, nozzle distance, the distance to the strip of zinc on the surface of the liquid height, nozzle aperture, speed of strip steel, strip steel temperature, the thickness of the strip, the strip flatness and surface roughness, zinc liquid temperature, liquid zinc chemicals, etc.Among them, the parameters of nozzle and the speed of strip are the six factors that have great influence.