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Is there any advantage to use compressed air in galvanizing?

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Is there any advantage to use compressed air in galvanizing? production costs.

(1) reduce  production costs

(2) reduce noise.

(3) improved operating environment.

(4) is conducive to the maintenance of equipment (with steam easy to make the equipment damp damage).

(5) the surface oxidation of the strip is reduced and the quality of galvanization is improved.

, what are the development processes of methods to control coating?

Since 1836 France hot galvanizing for production, the earliest use of manual dip plating, steel plate from zinc liquid pull out of the speed of low, low output;With the continuous development of the mechanical industry, the roller plating method appeared. In the past decades, although the roller plating method has been widely developed, many problems have been exposed. Especially, the roller life is only 5-7 days, so the production must be stopped and the roller must be changed, which brings great difficulties to the continuous operation.At present, blowing method has been widely used, which successfully overcomes the disadvantages mentioned above. It is expected that blowing method will be further developed in production practice

What are the factors affecting the thickness of zinc coating by roller plating?

In summary, the factors influencing coating thickness in roll plating method are: the diameter of the galvanized roll, galvanized roll, strip speed of extrusion pressure with galvanized roller speed ratio of the circumference of the roll, galvanized the centerline and zinc on the surface of the liquid liquid between relative height and the strip steel and zinc liquid into the point of view, and liquid temperature, chemical composition in liquid zinc, zinc strip surface roughness, strip steel zinc dipping time, and the chemical composition of the original plate, etc.

In roller plating, how to increase the zinc layer thickness?

(1) reduce the extrusion pressure of rollers.

(2) increase the ratio of the strip speed to the circumference speed of the galvanized roller.

(3) improve the zinc level.