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How does ability make zinc-pot not produce bottom slag in galvanizing line?

- Jan 11, 2019 -

How does ability make zinc-pot not produce bottom slag in galvanizing line?

We already know that the main component of slag base is FeZn, which can react with aluminum as follows

: 2 fezn + 5 a1feals + 14 zinc

The FeAlL generated by the above reaction has a specific gravity of about 4.2%, which is lighter than zinc and can float on the surface of zinc liquid, which can be removed as scum at any time.When the aluminum content increases to 0.14~0.16%, the zinc pot will hardly generate bottom slag.

Coating uniformity adjustment method?

Generally speaking, using the method of blowing hot galvanizing can obtain a uniform coating, however, the uniformity of coating not only depends on the air knife gap, and plate type, stable roll position, jet medium such as a variety of factors, therefore, must choose when operating advantages, in order to obtain a uniform coating, in the continuous galvanizing line of modernization, have coating thickness measuring instrument, the operator according to the requirements given out after the zinc layer thickness, must pay attention to the zinc layer thickness distribution curve at any time:

(1) if the zinc layer thickness are angled curve is a "four", and the other was "convex", this phenomenon is due to the stability of roller pressure is too small to make the strip still presents sink roll caused by the convex surface, then can be parallel propulsion, the stable roll forward until the pressing strip, at the same time to adjust air blade distance, make the strip in the centre.

(2) when the curve of coating thickness is wedge-shaped, this phenomenon is caused by the position of the stabilizing roller. At this time, one end of the stabilizing roller should be pushed forward or backward until the strip steel is parallel to the air knife in the center of the air knife.